911 call released in fatal Maywood accident

July 16, 2010

The call was made by a Good Samaritan, Christopher Scotland, who tried to help another driver, but ended up getting chased by that driver.

It was the first time he had ever stopped to help someone.

Scotland says he thought he was doing a good deed when he tried to help an accident victim.

Police say his 911 call confirms what he says happened last week.

Operator: 911 - what's your emergency?
Scotland: Um... I want to report an accident on Chicago Ave. and Jackson. I think he's a drunk driver. He's in a blue truck. I think he's at a stop sign.

Christopher Scotland says that after he made that call, the motorist, Christopher McConell, who was driving a black Honda, began chasing him at a high rate of speed through River Forest.

Scotland: He's chasing me - like, seriously, he's like trying to hit me now.

In the call, you can hear what seems to sound like McConnell's car hitting Scotland's car.

Scotland: He's trying to hit me... Oh my God, he might hit me!
Operator: Which way is he going, sir?
Scotland: Oh my God!

Police say Scotland continued to drive and he began to enter the City of Maywood.

He crossed 1st Ave., and Scotland says that is when McConnell followed him.

Investigators say McConnell then went against a red light and struck a silver Mercedes SUV.

Scotland watched in his rear-view mirror.

Scotland: Oh my God, he's trying to hit me!
Operator: OK, sir, can you talk to me? Sir, can you talk to me?
Scotland: Oh my God, he just hit somebody.

McConell was killed, as well as the two passengers in the silver Merecedes: Nicholas Randazzo, 36, and his girlfriend's mother, 57-year-old Nancy Tuki. Both were from Chicago.

A spokesperson for the Illinois Secretary of State's office said that in 2006, McConnell was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, but was never convicted.

During the same year, he was ticketed and convicted of running a red light.

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