Chicago actress to live in MSI for month

October 6, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The MSI announced its Month at the Museum contest in July and 1500 people worldwide applied for the job that includes living in a large, plexiglass cube.

The winner was announced with a chemistry experiment -- out of the five finalists, only Kate McGroarty's flask erupted when hydrogen peroxide was added.

"I'm very excited," said McGroarty, "because, well, OK, this is uncharted territory, right? People have been to the moon but no one has lived in this museum for thirty days."

McGroarty will spend much of her downtime inside her cube. But at night she can wander the exhibits. She said she hopes to visit every nook and cranny. But, she can't go outside. What will she miss the most?

"Sunshine ... I'm going to miss that. And I'm going to miss my friends," said McGroarty.

McGroarty will have a private bedroom suite- but said she plans to spend at least one night in the U-505 with the ghosts of World Wart II. But she wont' be eating any submarine sandwiches.

"My dinners will be catered by Whole Foods," said McGroarty.

For one month, McGroarty will tweet and blog and log time -- 24/7 for 30 days! -- at the MSI.

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