'Hawks, fans excited for game against Red Wings

October 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) Before the game, the team walked the red carpet along Madison Street as fans cheered their arrival to take on the Detroit Red Wings.

Part of the pageantry of Saturday's home opener was the unveiling of the 2010 Stanley Cup world championship banner.

Cpt. Jonathan Toewes brought out Lord Stanley's Cup, marking the end of its off-season tour spent in the Hawks' possession.

Fans said they hoped the team would be up to defending its title this seasoning.

"Still a good team intact, still a deep team, more experience. So, you can't beat that" said fan Dominic Krolo.

"A lot of expectations after this Stanley Cup," fan Paul Bria said. "I think they're a good, young team. I think they can make it back to the Cup."

"They still have their core, and they're still going to do good. So, [I'm] looking forward to the season," Ann Bria said.

Detroit beat the Blackhawks 3-2.

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