Emanuel criticized for Hollywood fundraiser

November 4, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Emanuel landed in Los Angeles Thursday evening for a Beverly Hills fundraiser hosted by his brother, Hollywood producers and film moguls.

Meanwhile, in Chicago a Hollywood sign lit up the night. But it was at a Bucktown corner grill where Alderman Joe Moreno endorsed Gery Chico Thursday night. Chico quickly pointed out there's a difference with the two Hollywoods.

"I think this is merely a means to contrast what we're going to do versus what he's doing and I'll let the voters judge what they think about that approach. I know what we're doing, and we're working the streets of Chicago every day," said Chico

In Beverly Hills, Emanuel's campaign would only say less than 100 people attended the fundraiser, each paying up to $5,000.

"He wants people to know he's raising those major bucks, but he doesn't want people to do know he's out there because he's suppose to be a grassroots guy on the streets here in Chicago," said Laura Washington, ABC 7 political analyst.

The sharpest criticism came from Carol Mosely Braun's campaign. It criticized Rahm for the Republican victories on Election Day, saying, in part: "He left the president holding the bag. If Rahm abandoned the President of the United States, what makes anybody think he'll stick by regular Chicagoans?"

Rahm's campaign fired back with this statement: "While Rahm has spent the last several weeks talking with Chicagoans about plans for the city's future - safe streets, strong schools, and stable finances - Senator Moseley-Braun's statement says nothing about her own plans for the city at this critical juncture for Chicago."

Other candidates remained concerned about money driving the race.

"Let's get money out of politics and let's let the voters decide," said Miguel Del Valle, city clerk and mayoral candidate.

ABC 7 has also learned one more candidate is dropping out of the race. State Senator Ricky Hendon is scheduled to a hold a news conference Friday to make the announcement.

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