SNAP protests against bishop with Chicago roots

November 14, 2010 (CHICAGO)

SNAP member and supporters distributed leaflets outside Holy Name Cathedral and urged church leaders to vote against Bishop Gerald Kicanas, a former Chicago priest who is now a Bishop in Tucson.

According to SNAP, Kicanas was the rector of Mundelein Seminary where convicted pedophile priest Daniel McCormack studied. The group says Kicanas knew of McCormack's sexual abuse and did nothing about it.

"We question why they would want to pick someone who has a history of covering up for a child molester and someone who failed to warn parents about his problems," said SNAP's Barbara Blaine.

McCormack is in jail.

Bishop Kicanas denies he had any knowledge of McCormack's offenses while he was at Mundelein.

Chicago's Cardinal George is expected to step down as head of the bishop's conference.

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