JP Lavoisier of One Life to Live

November 17, 2010 (CHICAGO)


Paternity issues are taking center stage this November on "One Life to Live." First, there is the story of two sisters each with two possible daddies. Sisters Natalie and Jessica have become bonded far beyond the typical twin bond. Both sisters got pregnant, both sisters slept with 2 different men, both sisters could be having the same person's baby (Brody) and both sisters are about to find out who fathered their unborn children but with any good story, there is a twist and their father Clint is behind it.

Then there is the ongoing search for Rex to discover his true identity. Rex has been searching for years trying to figure out who his father is and once upon a time, he believed that Roxy was his mother and Natalie was his sister. But when Natalie showed up in Llanview, she had learned that Viki and not Roxy was her mother. This news did not change the bond that Rex and Natalie shared. Rex had finally decided that he would give up his search for his father especially when he had the best possible father-figure in his life in Bo Buchanan.

Everything changed when Echo DiSavoy showed up in town on October 1st with a mysterious link to Rex's parents and now he is finally going to get the answers that he has searched long and hard for. There is a reason that his bond with Natalie is so strong, they really do share a father – Clint Buchanan. But we know that being Rex's father is the last thing in the world that Clint wants, so will he use his money and power to make that truth go away? Will Rex once again bond with a man that is not his real father when the DNA results come in? Well, one thing that Rex does learn for sure is that Echo DiSavoy is his mamma. How does he feel about that?

Rex will finally learn who his mother is (Echo) on Friday, November 12th. But who is his daddy? Rex will also discover a new twist on the identity of his father on Monday, November 22nd. ABOUT JOHN-PAUL LAVOISIER

John-Paul Lavoisier joined the cast of "One Life to Live" in May 2002 as Rex Balsom. Rex came to Llanview looking for family ties and generous handouts. The charming schemer is always looking for his next financial opportunity.

Mr. Lavoisier was raised in Phoenixville, PA, where he attended school at Phoenixville High School and then continued his education at nearby Philadelphia's University of the Arts. While in college, he studied music performance specializing in the drums. Mr. Lavoisier then went on to study acting at The School for Film and Television and Michael Howards Studio, as well as studying with private coach Deborah Mathieu-Byers.

Mr. Lavoisier's contract role on OLTL is his first major acting job, although his previous experience includes a small role on ABC Daytime's "All My Children," a featured model on "Sex and the City," a "Saturday Night Live" skit, a Time Warner Cable commercial and various student films. The young actor landed a role in the independent film "One Day in May," released in the fall of 2002, and also appeared in the feature film "Wolves of Wall Street." He is a member of the Manhattan-based theater company "Streetlight Productions," in which he performs when his OLTL schedule permits.

In addition to his passions for acting and music, Mr. Lavoisier enjoys sports, including tennis, skiing and golf, and in high school he developed a talent for magic.

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