WW2 veteran dies after beating

November 26, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Neighbors say Letkiewicz was a regular at church, a gardener who shared tips with neighbors, and a World War II veteran who fought in North Africa and Italy.

"He was a good man because every time I would go over, he would talk to me about his wife, show me pictures of him when he was in the Army and he was younger," said Jazmine Del Angel.

Letkiewicz's neighbors say they were concerned when the elderly man allowed a homeless man he befriended move into the basement living quarters in exchange for doing some chores. The man was later ordered out after allegedly attacking Letkiewicz and trying to sell some of his property. In mid-October, Frank Del Angel checked in on Letkiewicz when they didn't see him for a couple days.

"I got the keys and went inside and I found him in his bedroom, beat-up," said Del Angel.

Letkiewicz was rushed to the hospital, and over the last several weeks appeared to be on the mend. He identified his attacker as the man he'd hired to help.

"He said that one man wasn't gonna put him down. He'd been through worse stuff, like people were throwing bombs at me, and I was like, 'OK.' One guy's not going to hurt me," said Del Angel.

But on Wednesday, November 24, the World War II vet died from injuries he sustained in the beating.

Police said the man they're looking for has an arrest record. Officials know who he is, but now have to find him.

"It hurt because I see them with the ambulance pull him out but that was the worst picture -- someone could kill like that," said Jazmine Del Angel.

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