Fatal diagnosis wrong after life's savings spent

December 1, 2010 10:03:57 AM PST
A British comedian found out he had just three months to live, only to be told eight weeks later he was misdiagnosed.

Normally, this would be good news, however, Dave Ismay had already spent most of his life savings.

Doctors told Ismay that drinking left him with a deadly case of liver cirrhosis. But Ismay was baffled because he says he'd never been a particularly heavy drinker. He immediately started a "bucket list" -- things to do before he kicked the bucket.

On the list -- write a book about his career, buy a new Mercedes, appear in a stage production, golf at Ireland's famed K Club and take a trip to Australia.

Ismay said he also wanted to take his grandson to see a soccer game and achieve immortality.

Ismay managed to blow through his life's savings and complete numbers one through four before being told he told he had a treatable condition.

He says he still plans to take that trip to Australia, and while he has no hard feelings, he says he's looking for a new doctor.