Heart and Soul: December 11

December 6, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Cheryl Burton and Jim Rose will serve as contributors on the program. An encore presentation of HEART & SOUL will air Sunday, December 12 at 2:30 PM on ABC7.

This edition of HEART & SOUL shines a light on a Chicago Bear who has a lot of heart himself, both on the football field and off. Israel Idonije founded the Israel Idonije Foundation to reach out to disadvantaged children in Chicago and around the world. Idonije shares the excitement of the work he does with the foundation during the off season, including his trip to Nigeria to help youngsters needing medical attention and his White House visit with students from Chicago's Roseland community.

In the "Heart to Heart" segment, the show's hosts listen to the inspirational story of Cheryl Hyman, who after dropping out of high school, went on to become the chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago where she oversees 120,000 students and manages a $500 million budget.

Next up, the True Star Foundation is featured. Founded by two women in their thirties, True Star is a non-profit organization that provides a creative outlet for elementary school students.

Finally, HEART & SOUL points the camera in the direction of X'ernona Woods, author of "Save that Penny for a Sunny Day." The program looks at how she is educating young people on the importance of being financially literate. This Chicago Public Schools alumna has been presenting workshops to grade school children on how to save their money and invest. During her presentations, kids get the opportunity to visit the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Museum to gain a greater understanding of the value of the dollar.

HEART & SOUL will be featured on-demand at abc7chicago.com.

HEART & SOUL is produced by Rubye Wilson.

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