Local inventors, entrepreneurs show off products

December 13, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Some local entrepreneurs have developed smart ideas to solve common dilemmas.

Forbidden Sweets was founded by 2 stay at home moms who started it in their kitchens. Now, it is a wholesale/web-based business, serving over 700 retail stores. They have a small factory in Antioch with 18 workers. They purchase Rice Krispie treats by the pallet from Kellogg's directly. Then they hand-dip and decorate each piece. With over 450 styles to choose from, they can customize almost any shape, design or logo.

Everyone has dealt with the agony of finding your favorite sweats drawstring-less as they exit the dryer. Then of course you find the drawstring, but the time it takes to restring it sometimes doesn't seem worth it. Gone are those days because this product puts it back in place in seconds. Just slip the drawstring into one end of the EZstringer and pull it through with ease.

  • Inventor - Dorrie Freiman
  • Location - Chicago
  • Price - $59.99
  • hiddensoles.com
  • Phone - (773) 551-8757

Dorrie Freiman created a fashionable and practical tote bag that features a side compartment to house a second pair of shoes separate from the personal items inside a woman's tote. The shoe compartment has a washable lining, and fits heels that are up to five inches high. Made from a durable patent leather faux-croc material, the tote comes in cranberry, black and espresso colors to match a variety of outfits.

  • Inventor - Adrienne Johns
  • Location - Lake Bluff
  • Price - $5.99 - $32.99
  • ellaWrap.com
  • Phone - (847) 482 - 0304
  • E-mail - info@econwrap.com

This Lake Bluff based business offers stylish, eco-friendly fabric, gift wrapping that is as practical as it is chic. They make fabric gift wrap and gift bags.

Taylor Zitman, recent Indiana U grad and artist, makes cake toppers to the bride and groom's likeness, including the dress, tuxedo, bouquet, hair and many other features. She can sculpt just about anything for any wedding whether the theme is simple and understated or extravagant and lavish. All of the toppers are non-edible so they can be kept as keepsakes. She also does decorations for other party cakes.

  • Inventor - Diane D'Andrea (ABC 7 employee)
  • Location - Palatine
  • Price - $14.95
  • Website - thespifter.com
  • Phone - (847) 341-3190
  • E-mail - info@thespifter.com

ABC National Sales employee Diane D'Andrea invented this sifting spoon with interchangeable mesh bowls. It is designed for decorating purposes and adding that beautiful finishing touch to your food. It can be used for sifting into a recipe, sprinkling on top of foods and beverages, decorating holiday cookies and treats and for the presentation of your entrees. It's Mess-free, waste-free and error-free.

Dina Amico- Kriescher sells a new line of customized charm bracelets through a network of 2,000 consultants. Her charms are made from sterling silver, Murano glass, natural pearls and crystals. The inspiration came from Dina's family trip to Europe.

These tubs transform your ordinary bathtub into a safe, fun and water efficient unit for bathing small children from infants all the way up to 70 pounds. They eliminate common bathroom hazards such as slips and falls as well as injuries to parents caused by stooping and lifting over traditional 60" bathtubs. This temporary unit fits easily over existing tubs and is quickly removable when no longer needed. Designs for both boys and girls are available - a fire truck for the boys and a fairytale carriage for the girls. Accessories such as a changing pad and infant tub seat are also available to compliment the tub.

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