Recommendation expected on Emanuel's residency

December 22, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners' hearing officer heard testimony last week in challenges to Emanuel's residency and will make a recommendation Wednesday to the Board of Elections.

A final decision will be made Thursday. Appeals are expected after that decision.

The hearing officer sat through approximately 30 hours of testimony over the course of three days. His job was to take all of that testimony and recommend to three Board of Elections commissioners whether or not Emanuel should stay on the mayoral ballot.

Some people testified that the former White House Chief of Staff should be kicked off because he has not lived in Chicago for one year, as required. They claim Emanuel had no intention of returning from Washington and rented out his Chicago home and even extended the lease.

Emanuel argued that he always intended to come back to his Chicago home on North Hermitage.

He has said, "It has been my home during college, from the time I worked for President Clinton and the time I worked for President Obama."

The issue will move through the court system, if appeals are filed.

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