Fans go wild for Bears win

January 16, 2011 9:19:40 PM PST
A big win for the Chicago Bears over the Seattle Seahawks has set up a showdown that fans have been waiting for.

The Bears will face the Green Bay Packers at Solider Field next Sunday. The winner of that game will go to the Super Bowl.

A limited number of tickets for the Bears-Packers game will go on sale Tuesday afternoon through Ticketmaster. Fans are already contacting ticket brokers as they celebrate Sunday's victory.

Excited fans left Solider Field after the Bears' 35-24 win over Seattle.

"This is the best one we ever had," said Bears fan Anthony Brown.

"It was an easy game today. Next week won't be so easy. Bears-Green Bay," said Bears fan Christopher Bartolini.

It was Bears weather as the team ventured back into the post-season for the first time in four years.

"It was just perfect, it was just perfect. The snow, the cold, it's exactly what the Bears are about," said Bears fan Seth Swaney.

"The bears can 100 percent beat anyone," said Bears fan Katie Riccio.

The Bears were favored to win despite their regular season loss to the Seahawks and Seattle's stunning victory last week over the defending Super Bowl Champion, the New Orleans Saints.

Diehard Seahawks fan Mark Cohen drove eight hours from New York only to see his team lose.

"Just didn't show up. Too cold. Didn't play the game. Not a good thing," Cohen said.

Tailgaters celebrated Sunday's definitive victory which puts the team just one win away from going to the Super Bowl.

In order to get there, the Chicago Bears will have to beat their division rival -- Green Bay Packers

The faithful say bring it on.

"Bears are going to Dallas, baby!" said Bears fan Matt Dell.

Bar scene fans just as excited
For fans who did not want to sit outside in 15 degree weather, the next good thing is bars. As the clock winds down, the screaming winds up at an octave level that could break glass.

Junior Sports Lounge in University Village was packed with overly excited fans to those who were more subdued like, Monica Rangel who brought her parents.

"I came with my parents instead of coming with my friends, I wanted to take them out so we came out and we had a really great time. They don't come out that often, they usually watch it at home, so we really had a good time," she said.

Walter Payton's son Jarrett took the game in at the Public House downtown. He said he looked to his father for spiritual guidance for Sunday's victory.

"I prayed to my dad saying, 'Please, just a little bit of snow.' Because I know Seattle does well with rain but not snow, and it's funny, he answered my prayers because it started snowing at the beginning of the game," Jarrett Payton said.

Fans are confident the Bears are a Super Bowl team, something many admit they never would have thought at the beginning of the season.

"They started off the season kind of shakey," said Bears fan Darryl Robinson said. 'Along the way, they got it together, and that is what is important."

"We're showing our true clors now," said Bears fan Kevin Chambers.

"It's been amazing season. There's been beautiful highlights and devestating disasters," said Bears fan Tamara Wasserman.

Sit Close Ticket's Steve Buzil was getting calls for next week's Bears-Packers game during Sunday's game. "I was like a lone man on the island for the Seattle game. Now I'm getting calls from high school friends, getting texts, Facebook's blowing up, so we're back into action," Buzil said.

Tickets for Sunday's game were actually selling at face value. That is not the case for next week's game. Brokers are calling it a "mini-Super Bowl."

Right now, tickets are going for $300 to $3,000 a piece.