Buying and Packing Luggage

February 1, 2011 10:13:29 AM PST
Travel into the New Year with the top tips for purchasing flexible, functional and fashionable luggage.

Tuesday Morning's Ross Manning, Shows You How to Purchase and Pack a Suitcase Without Breaking the Bank!

Most people could benefit from knowing what makes a good piece of luggage and that there are a many factors that should be considered prior to purchasing one's travel gear. With airlines charging fees for checked and overweight bags and international travel requiring different weights, it is very important to pack efficiently. Tuesday Morning's, Ross Manning, has some tips on how to select affordable brand name luggage as well as how to pack smartly and efficiently.

Ross' 5 Musts When Shopping for Luggage

  1. Discover what the luggage has to offer:
    • Handles, External pockets, Wheels
  2. Decide on the type and size of bag is needed
    • carry on vs. checkable bag
  3. Durability and material are important
    • soft shell vs. hard shell
  4. Determine suitcase mobility
    • over the shoulder duffle vs. wheels
  5. Destination is key
    • road warrior vs. vacationer

Ross' Ten helpful packing tips

1. Lay everything out that you potentially want to bring.
2. Roll socks and insert in shoes. Pack underwear in mesh laundry bags or side pockets to save space.
3. Arrange each pair of shoes so that the heel of one aligns with the toe of the other.
4. Use Shoe Bags
5. Place shoes at bottom of luggage if it is a rolling bag
6. Protect clothes from leaks by placing toiletries in a plastic bag or leather travel kit.
7. Pack essential toiletries (note airline regulations) in a carry-on bag. Include your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, medication and other important items.
8. Using plastic bags from the dry cleaners will help alleviate wrinkles
9. Plan your wardrobe--colorizing selection requires taking less
10. Pack valuables in the carry-on luggage--do not check valuables

Ross' 5 Must Know Travel Tips

1. Know airline requirements when it comes to bag size and weight
2. Make sure locks meet airport security requirements.
3. Place luggage tags on the inside and outside of the bag
4. Invest in a portable luggage scale
5. Do not over pack; leave some room for the return trip and any additional items

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