Tanning salon worker talks about robbery attempt

February 15, 2011 5:30:59 PM PST
The suburban tanning salon worker involved in an attempted holdup says the customer who intervened saved her life in Orland Park last December.

For the first time, the public is hearing from LA Tan employee Karen Rode. She says gunman Gary Amaya ordered her to tie herself up and made fun of her when she was too slow. Then customer Jason McDaniel walked in.

When Amaya put the gun down, McDaniel overpowered and then shot him. Amaya may have been the 'honeybee killer' who went on a shooting rampage in October.

Appearing on Inside Edition, Rode was asked her reaction when she found out who Amaya was.

"All I could say was oh, wow, oh wow, if Jason hadn't been there I probably wouldn't be sitting here with you today," said Rode.

The Cook County board later honored McDaniel as a hero.