Olive oil poached Yukon gold potato, transparency

March 6, 2011 10:53:32 AM PST
A Kendall College student has won the North Central Regional ''S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef''contest and is a finalist in the national competition.

3 Large Yukon Gold potato
2 cups of Frantoia olive oil
2 cups of Blend olive oil
3 spring of thyme
4 Egg yolks
4 oz of Columela Vinagre de jerez, sherry-Vinegar
1 spring of thyme
1 bay leaf
2 tsp of dried tarragon
2 peppercorns
8 oz of clarified butter
To taste: Lemon
To taste: Salt
2 oz of veal glace

Method of Preparation

Olive oil poached potato
1. Peel potatoes and square off top and bottom sides. Punch with cylinder and then square off flat sides. Reserve all scraps to make sheets.
2. Fill pot with oil and thyme to cover and cylinders and cook on low heat until tender.
3. When ready remove almost all oil and return pot to heat to sear on bottom side only. When crisp, carefully remove from pan with small off set spatula and hold on one-half pan with paper towels to absorb oil. Season potato while still hot.

Potato Transparency
1. With remaining scraps rough chop cook in simmering salted water until fully cooked.
2. When ready puree in blender with starch water as needed until silky smooth then season with salt.
3. Lay thin on silpat and spread evenly.
4. Bake in oven at 200 degrees F until crisp, when edged lift flip sheet around to crisp evenly on to and bottom.

Foyot sauce
1. Reduce vinegar with herbs and peppercorn by half then strain.
2. Wisk yolks and reduction in bowl over bain-marie until zabaglione is cooked.
3. Slowly add warm clarified butter while whisking. Add water if necessary for proper consistency.
4. Finish by adding parsley and tarragon and adjusting seasoning to taste.