NewsViews: Ill. Treasurer Dan Rutherford

March 7, 2011 9:52:22 AM PST
Three weeks ago the new state treasurer, Dan Rutherford, made an almost unprecedented announcement. He and a fellow Republican, comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, agreed to try to save taxpayers $12 million a year by starting a drive to combine their offices into a new one called comptroller of the treasury.

If their push is successful, one of them would be out a job.

The new office requires a change in the Illinois constitution, which takes three-fifths approval in both the State Senate and House. If that happens, the public would vote on the merger in 2012. If the voters approve, Illinois would elect its first comptroller of the treasury in 2014.

Rutherford lives in downstate Livingston County and has been a businessman for 25 years. Before being elected treasurer, he served in the Illinois House for 10 years and in the senate for eight years.

Rutherford is guest on this edition of NewsViews.