@MayorEmanuel appears on 'Colbert Report'

March 9, 2011 5:34:24 AM PST
The college professor who brought us the fake and often profane Rahm Emanuel Twitter account was on the air Tuesday night.

And he hinted that the fake Emanuel could one day return.

Dan Sinker, 36, was Stephen Colbert's guest on "The Colbert Report" Tuesday night. He's an assistant journalism professor at Columbia College, and he used the @MayorEmanuel account to parody the then-mayoral candidate.

He told Colbert how the popular alter-ego went away.

"So my @MayorEmanuel, the day after the election, in a tear-filled end, disintegrates into time itself. Surrounded by his friends, and in Chicago itself, the minute the last tweet went through, there was a giant thunder clap. Go figure," Sinker said.

"Two questions," Colbert said. "One, is there any chance this will be made into a Bey movie?"

"That would be good!" Sinker said.

"And second, could I clip and smoke your beard?" Colbert asked. "Will we ever see @MayorEmanuel again, or has he been sucked through a time warp forever?"

"Well, time vortexes are a funny thing, right?" Sinker said.