Matrix hair team shows off stylish cuts at beauty show

March 11, 2011 9:06:12 AM PST
Fashion changes every minute, and so do hairstyles! Daniel Roldan is the man behind Matrix's global trends.

Roldan and his design team help gather ideas for trends and customize them according to clients. The team then comes up with new looks and color techniques.

Roldan will be at The American Beauty Show that takes place on March 12-14 at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago. The show is created by local legends and produced by Cosmetologists Chicago, and delivers your favorite suppliers.

America's Beauty Show
March 12, 13, 14
McCormick Place Chicago
For salon professionals only

Iconic shapes are re-invigorated with new angles, curves and vibrant harmonized tones. Cropped sexy-short or layered long, these modern looks offer a multitude of moods. New color-within-color blending techniques infuse dimension and diffuse hues.

Model One: Ruby Rush provides a round geometric cut. This cut frames the face with a curved fringe and the interior lines are diffused. The color is harmonized with ruby shades with a pop of color 3D brightening effects.

Care: Biolage colorcaretherapie Color Care Shampoo
Condition: Biolage colorcaretherapie Color Care Conditioner
Style: Design Pulse Switch-Flicks

Model Two: Sugar Pop provides a sexy modern pixie with feathery flourishes. The cropped shape can be pushed up or swept down. Light sugar blonde tones over deeper mochas add multi-impact.

Care: Biolage colorcaretherapie Delicate Care Shampoo
Condition: Biolage colorcaretherapie Delicate Care Conditioner
Style: Deisgn Pulse Messy Couture
Finish: Design Pulse Beach Clay Strong Destructuring Mud

Model Three: Chestnut Must is pure simplicity! This easy-to-wear layered look creates the perfect must-have look for everyday. The style goes from curly to straight and with the carmel it shimmers through the rich natural chestnut for a color flashing effect.

Care: Biolage Smooth Therapie Shampoo
Conditioner: Biolage Smooth Therapie Conditioner
Style/Finish: Design Pulse Mix in Shine Brilliant Serum