Finding the right beer

March 20, 2011 7:10:28 AM PDT
With spring now underway, this is a time for new beginnings and new beers.

They are specially made for the season, as we switch from hearty comfort foods to lighter dishes.

To explain how to find the right beer for your food, Anthony Norkus with Louis Glunz Beer visited the ABC7 studio and shared a preview of spring brews to accompany a variety of foods.

    Three "Cs" of Beer and Food Pairing
  • Cut - Choose beers to cut through rich foods.
  • Complement - Serve heavier beers with robust dishes; lighter beers with lighter foods.
  • Contrast - Select beers with the opposite characteristics of the food.

Suggested Pairings:

Capital Maibock
Capital Brewery, Middleton, Wisconsin
- A bock (German for strong beer) with a beautiful golden hue
- A special brewing process results in a very solid, malty beer that is made to welcome the upcoming spring.
ABV: 6.2 percent
Price: $9.99/ 6pk/ 12 oz. bottles
Pairing: BBQ Chicken

Gouden Carolus Easter Ale
Het Anker Brewery, Belgium
- Limited edition of 2,000 cases are brewed once a year and intended to drink with Easter dinner
- A golden ale that is rich, full-bodied and full of flavor and life
- This special brew may be laid down, and it will increase in complexity and balance as years pass
ABV: 10.5 percent
Price: $9.99/ 750 ml
Pairing: Traditional Easter ham dinner

New! Straffe Hendrik
Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan, Belgium
- Bruges Tripels are fuller-bodied Tripels with an amber color from the darker, roasted malts used during the brewing process
- Also adding to the fuller body is a longer boiling period for this beer, and the use of more hops than traditional Belgian Tripels.
ABV: 9.0 percent
Price: $17.99/ 4pk/ 11.2 oz. bottles
Pairing: Crab Cakes

New! Grand Teton Persephone Pils
Grand Teton Brewing Company, Victor, Idaho
- Persephone Imperial Pilsner pours a pale, glowing yellow with a bright white and frothy head.
- A light aroma of dried hay lifts from the glass, but the flavor is marked by soft mint flavors with sherbet-like overtones.
- A strong, resinous bitterness lingers on and on, blending into each new sip and providing a strong backbone for this brew.
ABV: 8.76 percent
Price: $9.99/ 750 ml
Pairing: Lamb Kabobs

New! Great Lakes Doppelrock
Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, Ohio
- A round and malty doppelbock (German for "double bock") balanced by rich flavors, celebrates the style originally developed by medieval monks for Lent - the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, and their longest and most taxing period of fasting when next-to-no solid food was allowed to pass their lips.
ABV: 7.8 percent
Price: $10.99/ 4pk/ 12 oz. bottles
Pairing: Black Forest Cake

"Baseball and Beer Open House"
Celebrate spring and sample beers from retro to craft from states with Major League Baseball teams

Thursday, March 31 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Binny's Beverage Depot
3121 Thatcher
River Grove