Teacher's aide confirmed to have MRSA at CPS school

March 24, 2011 9:11:44 PM PDT
Chicago Public Schools officials say a teacher's aide at a South Side school has a confirmed case of MRSA, which is a contagious bacterial infection.

Parents met with officials at Guggenheim Elementary School Thursday afternoon, and some say they are not happy with the way the case was handled.

According to parents, a notice about the case was sent out on Tuesday afternoon. Some parents are upset they were not informed earlier and have decided to take their children out of school indefinitely until the problem is solved.

"It should be our decision to know if the kids should come to school or not. Mrsa is serious," said Felisha Coleman, parent.

"I went and got them tested and they were negative, but I still want to be safe and keep them at home because it's contagious, you can catch it. If they don't have it now, they can get it," said Shamika Cloutier, parent.

The principal says that the school has been cleaned and sanitized and remains open.

"The school basically doubled its cleaning and sanitation effort as well as monitored any students reporting any unusual skin condition," said Vikki Stokes, Guggenheim principal. "Also on Wednesday, another student reported having a rash. As a precaution, the student's parents were notified immediately and the student remains home until test results are complete."

Parents say they are not satisfied with the school's response and do not believe it is safe for their children to return.

"Come on, are you really serious? Are you really going to play with our kids' health like this? We need more help," said Lekeshia Kelly, parent.

"I am trying to see at what point in time did they have the time to sanitize the entire building?" said Josie Jackson, parent.

Some parents told ABC7 they will not allow their children to return to school.