Walking workstation brings workout to desks

March 24, 2011 10:10:13 PM PDT
If your job is too jammed for time at the gym, how about bringing the workout to your desk?

That is what employees at the Blue Shield call center in Redding, California are doing, in what is known as a walking workstation.

It is part of blue shield's "Wellvolution" - an employee wellness program.

The idea is to keep working while moving about.

So far, there is only one walking workstation in the office, but employees are lining up to use it twice a week for up to an hour at a time. As they walk, they keep on working.

"The first week was a little adjusting, you had to learn how to do the whole walk, talk and type thing, but after that it's a breeze. I like it," said Tara Nicholson of Blue Shield Customer Service.

"We're actually partnering with researchers from Harvard University, University of California-Berkeley, to study what the outcomes actually are, what the physical outcomes are, what the productivity outcomes are, and what the engagement outcomes are. Are we going to stick with it? Is it going to become a habit?" said Bryce Williams, director of Wellvolution.

If the walking workstations prove effective, the company plans to share its findings with other employers.