First Daley Award presented to marathon fundraiser

April 8, 2011 2:39:52 PM PDT
Bank of America has created the "Mayor Richard M. Daley and Maggie Daley Award" for charity fundraising, and Friday, Mrs. Daley presented it.

The first-ever Daley Award recipient is Carl Allegretti of Frankfort.

Allegretti completed the Chicago Marathon last year, his 64th marathon. He raised a record amount of money for the Children's Memorial marathon team.

"His dedication to Children's Memorial Hospital is an example of how the marathon provides the opportunity for one person through their participation to make a great impact on hundreds, even thousands, in their community," said Maggie Daley.

"This award honor, but it's really not about me," said Allegretti.

Allegretti's dedication to fundraising stems from a personal battle. His son was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago.