Survey: Chicago has highest gas prices in nation

April 24, 2011 6:55:37 PM PDT
Chicagoans are once again paying the highest average price for gas in the country.

The latest Lundeberg Survey of fuel prices puts the cost at $4.27 a gallon. Over the past two weeks, the national average jumped about 12 cents to $3.88 a gallon.

These gas prices are having a huge impact on day-to-day activities, forcing some to cancel their Easter Sunday trips to see family.

For vacationers, the belt-tightening has begun. At Mount Rushmore, there were 6,000 fewer visitors last month than in March of 2010. Helicopter tours are down 10 percent at the Grand Canyon, and one resort in Wisconsin is offering customers $40 gas cards to get people to travel.

"We're seeing them sort of have gas guzzler-saver plans for people to come in, gas buster deals for people. So in some ways they're anticipating this drop in demand before it truly becomes a harsh reality," said analyst Wendy Bounds.

If you want to find the least expensive gas, you'll have to head to Tucson, Ariz. -- the average price there is $3.54 a gallon.