Improving Your Golf Swing

May 6, 2011

There are probably as many ideas on how to improve your golf swing as there are golf teachers. Billy Knilans, PGA golf professional and East Bank Club's golf pro, has some suggestions for our resident golfer, Tracy Butler, to help her lower her handicap and improve her skills on the green.

Golf Tips from East Bank Club

  • 1. Striking the ball
    • a. Avoid trying to "lift" or strike the underside of the ball
    • b. Compress and smash the ball, applying force like a hammer to a nail
  • 2. Swing bottom
    • a. Your iron should bottom out just past the ball, after making contact
    • b. Swing low - the iron should hit the ground after you strike the ball
  • 3. Proper swing path
    • a. Swing the club in an arc, not straight back and forward
    • b. The club should approach the ball from the golfer's side of the target line
  • 4. Optimal distance
    • a. Your hands, wrists and forearms are responsible for speed and force in your swing
    • b. Target these areas with specific exercises to increase distance

East Bank Club
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