Daley's last full day of work as mayor

May 13, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Daley arrived at one event with wife Maggie by his side. She hasn't seen publicly in several weeks. She was recently released from the hospital after suffering flu-like symptoms. In April, she was hospitalized for another issue. Doctors say both health issues have nothing to do with the cancer she's been fighting for nine years.

The mayor and Mrs. Daley joined Chicago Bears players to celebrate youth programs as part of Daley's farewell neighborhood appreciation tour. Just before that event, the mayor visited Mashfield Plaza. Mayor Daley will wrap up his day at 5 p.m. at City Hall when he will depart for the last time as mayor of Chicago.

"I caught a helping hand. No one likes to step on someone, no one likes to kick anyone. And those who kick and step on anyone, they never have a helping hand in life. That's one thing I found in my career, that you know, you need helping hands. I don't care what it is," Daley said.

Mayor Daley also has a busy weekend that includes a tour of a revitalized Cabrini-Green residences and a farewell reception.

Daley's successor, Rahm Emanuel, is looking ahead to his first day. Everyone is invited to a free concert in Grant Park Saturday. Crews were getting preparations under way Friday. It will kick off Emanuel's inaugural festivities, along with a morning of service projects Saturday.

The Secret Service is busy finalizing security details for Mayor-elect Emanuel's inauguration in Millennium Park Monday. Vice President Joe Biden is one of the political heavyweights expected to attend the swearing-in. Political experts say that's a sign of the access enjoyed by the former White House chief of staff, but Emanuel said Biden's visit simply shows how important Chicago is for the country.

"I'm glad that he has decided to come and represent the administration, and I'm glad on a personal level as [pertains to] our friendship, but it has been about Chicago, not me," Emanuel said.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Education Secretary Arne Duncan will attend the inauguration Monday as well. The White House says the president will not be able to attend because of prior commitments.

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