Dogs rescued from flooding up for adoption soon

May 23, 2011 (DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.)

Representative Renee Cantapulo spoke with ABC7 Monday morning about their efforts to care for the dogs and put them up for adoption.


West Suburban Humane Society has rescued seven homeless dogs in need of medical attention and ultimately, adoption.

These dogs are victims of the recent Metropolis, Illinois flood; one of the areas being hit hardest in the United States experiencing devastating flooding. While some animals in the flood zone are being turned into shelters, the necessary space, care and resources are limited, and many are just being left to fend for themselves.

Since the flood waters are now contaminated, numerous animals have become sick and some have even died from drinking the water. When West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS) was informed of the plight of these animals, their team went south to Metropolis to take back as many as possible.

The seven dogs WSHS acquired are currently being treated at two local veterinary hospitals until they are well enough for foster care or adoption. While the hospitals discount the care, medical bills mount and WSHS is responsible.

WSHS is requesting donations for the care of the Metropolis flood puppies. In addition to donations, WSHS is in need of more foster homes and adoptions. Foster homes make it possible for to save hundreds more dogs and cats each year. To find out more about this program, please contact their Animal Care Manager at 630-960-9600, extension 23 or

West Suburban Humane Society
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