Police fatally shoot man in Humboldt Park

June 15, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The shooting happened in the 4300-block of West Hirsch in Humboldt Park on the city's West Side.

Witnesses say Pedro Gonzalez III, 21, was standing outside the home of his dead friend, 15-year-old Jovany Diaz, when officers approached and Gonzalez ran. Police say the officers gave chase and fired after Gonzalez pointed a gun at them. Police say they recovered that gun.

"He starts running, the gun comes out and at that point, the officers, being in fear for their life, some people don't like that term but that's the fact, opened fire on him," said Pat Camden, Fraternal Order of Police spokesman,

"Ten minutes later, my wife called crying that the police shot him. But there's witnesses out there who say he had no gun, so I don't know what the hell is going on," said Pedro Gonzalez Jr, father.

"You're riding around, all these police officers to serve and protect because someone got killed and then you turn around and kill the person's best friend who you are out here for? You're not doing your job properly," said Miguel Santos.

On Monday, Jovany Diaz was shot to death. Police say the teenager was not the intended target. He was celebrating his birthday with friends. Diaz lived across the street from Gonzalez.

In a neighborhood known for violence, the loss of two friends in two days - even under very different circumstances - is too much for some to bare.

"They was always together. He looked up to my brother as a big brother. My brother was mourning. He's not even going to get to go to his funeral because now his mama got to bury him," said Tammy Knighten, sister.

"I came out and my son said, 'someone got shot,' and I said, 'no, not again,'" Minerva Orozco, witness.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the actions of the officers involved in the shooting.

There have been three shootings resulting in two deaths over the last few deaths in Humboldt Park.

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