'Pothole killer' to fill ruts in Chicago

August 12, 2011 2:28:20 PM PDT
Chicago has a new weapon in the never-ending war on potholes that plagues drivers all year long: the Pothole Killer.

The device is supposed to fill a rut in 60 seconds and requires far less manpower than traditional methods.

The process is shown on the company's website: A truck with a telescopic arm attached to the front grill blows out debris and moisture from the hole, then fills it with asphalt-patching material.

Just one or two people are needed for the job, instead of the current team of three to five. Since January, 450,000 potholes have been filled -- that's 20,000 more than in all of last year.

Four trucks will be leased for $50,000 to launch the process. A similar method tried several years ago failed, but city officials say this is superior technology.