Should you feed your dog natural food?

September 2, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Many conventional pet food brands consist of animal byproducts and low-grade meats. There's not a lot of research available on pet diets, but the anecdotal evidence suggests that natural or organic pet foods can improve skin and coat health. Some claim that dogs fed natural food have better dental health and more manageable weights. Brad Kriser of Kriser's shows us a variety of natural dog food brands and treats as well as some new products to help make a pet owner's life easier.

He is joined by Rupert, a black lab, available for adoption at One Tail at a Time

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    Examples of healthy pet treats:
  • Real Meat Treats (they are whole meat treats with nothing added) $6.79
  • Stella and Chewy Carnivore kisses (variety of proteins available) $14.99
  • True Chews Chicken strips $12.49-$20.99
  • Primal Venison Lung $7.99
  • Aunt Jeni Gator Bites $8.99-$19.99
  • Front Porch Sweet potato chews $6.49-$15.99
  • Raw frozen bones. $6.99-$7.99
    Teeth cleaning products -- what Brad recommends to customers:
  • Number one technique is to be on a raw diet and provide raw bones to chew on for teeth cleaning.
  • Best time to brush teeth is right before bedtime as they will hopefully be less energetic and this can allow time for the enzymatic cleaners to do their job while they sleep.
    • Additionally there are a number of products that can be used:
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste - not human toothpaste
    • Finger Brush with toothpaste, for pets that are not comfortable with a brush but will allow your finger in their mouth $.95
    • Petz Life oral spray - for pets that will not allow anything in their mouth $22.95
    • Petz life oral gel - can be used with or without a toothbrush $22.95
    • Wysong dentatreat can be added as a supplement for teeth $9.95
    New toys/products that make a pet owner's life easier:
  • Puzzle toys - these can be fun to occupy your dog. $21.99
  • Thundershirt - helps to ease anxiety and fear from storms, loud noises, and other stressful situations. Helps to curb destructive behavior from being scared or anxious as it makes them feel calm $36.99-$40.00
  • Long Lasting Chews - there are a variety of natural chews that are great to keep the dog occupied - such as antlers, bully sticks, raw frozen bones, etc. $3.49-$6.99
  • Cooling Beds - keeps them cooler and keeps them from panting as much in the hot weather. Along with this are cooling harnesses that they can wear outside on walks. $49.99
  • Doggie Poop bag duffles - they are cute, small, and easy to have with you to carry poop bags. $4.29

One Tail at a Time and Rupert, the dog

One Tail at a Time ( ) is a 501(c)(3), licensed non-profit with the intention of rescuing dogs that are otherwise at risk for euthanization. We focus on finding permanent homes for our dogs by working to match the lifestyles of potential adopters with each dog's personality and needs. This, combined with our commitment to providing new adopters with education and support for the life of their dog, ensures that more dogs stay in their new homes permanently, reducing the number of pets that are returned to the rescue or shelters each year. All of our dogs are adopted fully vaccinated, heartworm tested, spayed or neutered, and microchipped.

Here is Rupert's pet finder profile:

He is a 4 month old black lab puppy that was dropped off at a shelter. He came in with a brother, who has found a home. Rupert is with cats and dogs in his foster home, and plays well with everyone. He is a typical bouncy playful puppy with a little bit of attitude. He has big ole paws so he will probably be a big boy. Also, he is party of their "Back in Black" promotion that OTAT is doing through September 15 to help raise awareness of the plight of black animals in shelters. His adoption fee, and the rest of our black dogs, is reduced by 50% to $100 during the promotion.

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