'Have a New Teenager by Friday'

September 14, 2011 (NEWS RELEASE)

Just go to any mall and watch the roaming groups of teenagers and you'll quickly understand why parents dread those teenage years. Entitled kids don't believe that rewards come through hard work and sacrifice. They believe the opposite. They believe that the world owes them everything and anything they want.

In his new book, Have a New Teenager by Friday, Dr. Kevin Leman takes on his toughest project yet - your teenager. Raising a teenager today is one of the most challenging seasons for parents because many teens believe they're entitled. They expect you to give them what they want simply because they know you will. And parents fall for it. But with the advice of Dr. Kevin Leman, internationally known psychologist, humorist, and award-winning author of 40 best-selling titles on marriage and family issues, you won't have to. Have a New Teenager by Friday is a simple game plan guaranteed to help parents transform their "whatever generation" teenagers, change their behaviors, and create a low-stress environment that all will be happy to call home.

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