Bed bug prevention products and tips

September 26, 2011 (CHICAGO)

    What is the Best Thing People can do to Protect Themselves from Bed Bugs?
  • The first and most important thing people can do is get educated about the problem. This is the first true step in prevention.
  • Learning the behaviors and signs and symptoms (spotting, learn how to do a basic inspection, check under box-spring and behind head boards) of bed bugs will not only help you recognize that a hotel or room you are staying in has bed bugs, it will also help you prevent coming in contact with them in the first place.
  • There is a great educational resource called Bed Bugs 101 at

    What are Some Concrete things People Can Do?
  • Because of the record numbers bed bugs are in public places such as colleges and schools, let's talk about how to prevent them from coming into the home.
  • Review: Products (detection devices, travel products and bed protection)
  • Travel Smart: inspect hotel room, keep luggage away from furniture, educate your college student, send them off prepared. Know how to treat their belongings when they get back.

Overview of the North American Bed Bug Summit

Open to the public: Yes it is open to the public there is a cost of $795 so we would really expect companies, office buildings, hotel managers, pest management firms, government officials etc. to be attendees, but occasionally there is a regular person that is willing to pay for attendance.

What: The BedBug University: North American Summit is the largest national bed bug conference designed to collectively educate attendees on the latest bed bug concerns and strategize methods for tackling this persistent problem.

Who is Hosting: The 2011 Summit will be hosted by BedBug Central, which serves as an authoritative national and international resource for public information about bedbugs. Attendance is capped at 1,400. Last year attendees included the EPA, CDC, Military Branches, Housing Authorities, Colleges and Universities, legal practitioners, pest management p, building managers, retail locations, the general public and more.

When and Where: September 25-27 in Chicago, IL at the Hyatt Regency O' Hare.

Why are we holding this Summit: Although bed bug awareness as increased. Education has not, this is evidenced by the continual spread and increase in bed bugs. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association has shown that bed bugs are increasing dramatically in public spaces such as offices, retail, day-care centers and schools. This in addition to the latest CDC report attributing 1 fatality and 111 illnesses cause by people trying to treat bed bugs themselves with chemicals shows a great need for education. This summit is about educating all industries affected by bed bugs on real solutions for treatment.

How is this Summit Unique: BedBug Central has gathered 26 of the leading entomologists, bed bugs and canine experts, U.S. representatives, and legal experts to lead educational sessions. Additionally, we have recruited international bed bug experts to provide a global perspective and explore new topics that have been widely ignored

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