Officials criticize ComEd power outage response

October 11, 2011

State Senator Susan Garrett said she is drafting such legislation.

One reform urged Tuesday by the Northwest Municipal Conference is a 24-hour ComEd Operations Center to provide immediate, accurate information about outages and responses.

Mayors, managers, and lawmakers criticized the utility.

"I would receive messages from them that they had a crew on site, on scene, working on the repair, not realizing apparently that I was physically standing at the scene, watching the fact that there was nobody there, no work was being done," said Wilmette Village Manager Tim Frenzer. "And in fact, the work wouldn't be done for days."

"Their abysmal customer service, emergency management, and annual performance over the last year has shown a disappointing unwillingness to embrace change," said Glenview Village Manager Todd Hileman.

"Once the power is off, the ComEd bureaucracy seems helpless and in the dark themselves," said State Sen. Susan Garrett (D.-Lake County).

ComEd wants lawmakers to override Governor Quinn's veto of the smart grid bill, saying a smart grid would reduce outages and response time.

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