Holiday Eating and Exercise

Cathy Lang, the inventor of the "Wardrobe Workouts" reveals just how much exercise you will need to do to work off various foods many of us eat around this time of year. She also has some suggestions for alternative foods to help cut the fat and calories.

    Egg Nog 350 calories, 20 grams of fat in traditional version
  • Amt of activity to burn off: 1 hour 35 min of moderate weight training
  • Tip to cut calories: cut w/skim milk
    Pie: 1) 675 calories, 30 grams of fat in Pecan 2) 460 calories 20 grams of fat in Pumpkin;
  • Amt of activity to burn off: 3 hours of house cleaning will burn off the pecan pie alamode; To burn off the pumpkin pie alamode you will have to run a 10min/mile pace for 37min
  • Tip to cut calories no sugar added Sweet Potato 294 calories in a slice
    Champaign 75 calories in 1 3 oz glass so ENJOY! Not all bah humbug news from Fit Girl
  • Amt of activity to burn off: Kissing burns about 90 calories/hour so every glass is an excuse to spend more time with your sweetheart.


Don't go to a holiday gathering hungry. Neuro Trim ( contains a special fiber that is equivalent to 18-20 grams of regular fiber. This will help control your appetite if you drink it 30 min prior to a tempting meal.

SWEAT! A good workout the day of a potential splurge will deter you from over indulging in 2 ways:
Exercise suppresses hunger hormones & controls food cravings according to studies
There is a psychological impact to a great workout that will make you think twice about negating your hard work.
Burn an extra 50 calories/day. It will help offset a few treats/week and if you exercise your will power that additional 50 calories is enough to lose a pound by Thanksgiving.

Create Accountability
Keep a food diary. Few tools are as valuable as awareness.
Share your fitness goals. Facebook & Twitter are the perfect place to announce your plan to stay fit. If you Tweet it to hundreds of people someone is bound to follow-up and ask you how your workout was

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