Police: Teacher, 75, fondled self in class

November 16, 2011 (SCHAUMBURG, Ill.)

Schaumburg police arrested teacher Paul LaDuke, 75, now charged with sexual exploitation of a child, a class 4 felony. LaDuke, of Hanover Park, was a teacher at Schaumburg Christian School.

Prosecutors say during a 10 a.m. algebra class Friday, the defendant placed an apron over his clothing and sat behind his teaching podium. While the students were doing an assignment, prosecutors say LaDuke unbuckled his pants and slid them down just below his hips and began to masturbate while 13 students were in the room.

LaDuke was terminated Friday afternoon. School officials contacted the Schaumburg Police Department Monday, a police news release said.

Investigators say LaDuke admitted in a hand-written statement this has occurred multiple times per year over the course of about 10 years while LaDuke was teaching at the school.

There is no evidence that any students were inappropriately touched or physically harmed, police say.

"He is very well liked. He has been a teacher here for 27 years, never had issues like this in the past that we were ever made aware of. Many students are very saddened that this has happened," said Jim Toth, Schaumburg Christian School.

Police are asking if school officials knew anything, and some may be asking why it took so long for allegations to surface.

"All I know is that as soon as we received some information regarding this, we reacted immediately, first time we've ever heard of anything like this," said Toth.

LaDuke's wife and church supporters were in court Wednesday morning and were trying to post his 10 percent bail of $4,000.

The judge said if the Navy vet and teacher of 27 years makes bail, he must stay away from the school and all children under 18.

Prosecutors in court said that LaDuke admitted what they call the repeated behavior and fantasies about female students in a written confession

"He is an ordained minister who does a lot of volunteer work. He is very close to the community, to the church. It just does not seem consistent to a person of his age," said Irv Seidler, defense attorney.

"I have a little 1-year-old and hearing stuff like this just scares me," said Roman Rodriguez who lives around the corner from LaDuke.

LaDuke posted bail Wednesday night was released.

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