Intelligence Report: Who was FedEx shooter?

November 17, 2011 (BEDFORD PARK, Ill.)

Just a few years ago, Benyamin Robinson was a blue-chip high school basketball player with a promising future. How did Robinson get to this point?

His friends called him "Yam" and he was 28 years old. Thursday morning, when he showed up at FedEx in Bedford Park, his wife was the target of his rage.

Kenyatta Kensey was not hurt, and when the violence ended, only "Yam" Robinson was dead -- by his own gun -- the end of a life that at one time not long ago seemed to be going places.

Robinson and his wife both grew up in the tough South Side housing project called Robert Taylor Homes. Both of their social media accounts include pictures and other references to the CHA complex.

Robinson survived his Taylor years to become a standout basketball player -- known for his three point prowess -- at Chicago's DuSable High School and then at Kennedy-King College.

The 6'6" forward was recruited and signed to play for a small downstate university near St. Louis. A spokesman tells the I-Team that Robinson dropped out after one week.

He returned to Chicago and worked as a Cook County hospital police officer, assigned to Oak Forest Hospital in the south suburbs.

Robinson was licensed top carry a gun, but he was terminated two years ago, according to a supervisor.

According to Robinson's sister, he also applied to become a Chicago policeman and is pictured on his MySpace account wearing what appears to be a CPD uniform.

Robinson's marriage to Kenyatta Kensey produced several children, but also yielded a rocky relationship. In February, she filed for divorce, according to Cook County records, but in July she withdrew the petition.

Thursday, though, when Robinson showed up at the Federal Express warehouse in Bedford Park, he was looking for Kensey, shouting her name as he waved a revolver and fired shots.

"It was just chaotic, people running. Nobody really knew," said FedEx worker Michael Georgeff.

Robinson knew his way around because he once worked at the facility.

"Everybody is very shaken up," said FedEx worker Altis Kelly. "This has never happened, ever."

After the FedEx center was evacuation, and SWAT teams searched the facility, Robinson was found dead inside a vehicle in the building. He had a gunshot wound to the head.

"No employees were hurt. The wife was...she kind of hunkered down, I guess, in her office until she was evacuated by law enforcement," said Bedford Park Police Chief Daniel Godfrey.

Fifteen years ago, Kensey was interviewed for a national news story about life in the nation's largest public housing project. She was 14 years old at the time and said that she rarely left home because she was so afraid of violence.

Now an adult, it wasn't gang violence at Robert Taylor that found its way into Kenyatta Kensey's life, it was domestic violence, spilled over to her workplace.

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