Chicago reverend holds rooftop vigil over violence

December 9, 2011 (CHICAGO) Pastor Corey Brooks is on a mission to save young lives.

"I want them to think about these mothers that are losing these children," Pastor Brooks said. "I'm committed to raising every penny and I'm not gonna leave this roof until we collect every penny."

He's tired of the teenagers in falling into the gang life. After yet another shooting outside his church last year- during a funeral for another teenager-he decided to take a stand, on a rooftop. It's over an abandoned, dilapidated, Super Motel on 66th and King Drive. The place is known for crime and was shut down by police.

"It had a lot of crime, a lot of prostitution, a lot of drug usage. It added to the environment of our neighborhood- it helped to create crime, it helped to birth new crime," Pastor Brooks said.

Pastor Brooks wants to tear down this motel and build the neighborhood back up.

"We need a community center," he said. Brooks wants a place for kids to go for guidance, support and education so they don't turn to the streets.

"It takes a man, it takes a faithful man, to come forth and do something," David Alo said. Alo came by the hotel to make a donation. Alo was a drug addict for 25 years. Clean now, he teaches inmates how to start over.

"He's coming out here staying outside in the cold, for the possibility that somebody else might change- so to say it's not possible for people to change, if he can change, and I can change, then I know that, you know, all of these people in this area, there's a possibility that one could change," Alo sai.d

"When you help the south side of Chicago you're helping humanity. It's not a black, white issue, it's not an African American, Latino issue, it's a humanitarian issue." Pastor Brook ssiad.

Brooks has been on the roof for a little more than two weeks. He's already raised $60,000 of his $450,000 goal. He's only come down once, to comfort the mother of another teenager shot by gun violence.

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