Moms hold 'nurse-in' at Northwest Side Target

December 28, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The woman was asked to move to a dressing room, sparking outrage among some mothers around the country.

About 10 mothers gathered at the Target store in the 2600-block of North Elston Avenue on Chicago's Northwest Side to stage a 'nurse-in' for about 45 minutes. No one from the store approached the group as the moms breastfed their babies.

The nurse-in is just one of many that are taking place across the country Wednesday to show support for the Texas mom.

Breastfeeding in public is legal but the issue continues to cause controversy.

Target welcomed the demonstrations on Wednesday; since the Texas incident, Target has issued a statement emphasizing that nursing in the stores is OK. The store says employees have been reminded of the store's policy. "Target is a family-oriented company, so if a guest chooses to breastfeed in our store, Target supports it 100 percent," said Ashley Krehoff, manager of the Target on Elston Avenue.

"It is not about my convenience, it's about his health and his comfort," said Cora Shaw, a mom who took part in the nurse-in. "People have forgot what our breasts are made for. They are made to feed our children."

The national demonstrations are the largest of their kind to date, with over 100 nurse-ins scheduled to happen in 35 states.

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