Emanuel praises Bill Daley as WH chief of staff

January 10, 2012 2:15:54 PM PST
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Bill Daley, his successor as White House chief of staff, did well in what Emanuel called the toughest job in America.

Daley resigned Monday after serving for only a year.

Emanuel said it's no surprise if a White House chief of staff doesn't stay long. The mayor called the job grinding, and stressed that before any problem goes to the president, it first goes to the chief of staff.

"There are three things or skill sets or buckets that I think are for the chief of staff - politics, press, and policies. And you've got to be able to work at all three of them. And Bill Daley did a good job," said Emanuel.

Asked if Daley might have a role in Chicago government, Emanuel called him a good friend, and an important resource for the city. He added that they will have dinner after Daley leaves the White House and returns home.