Weight Loss Challenge

January 25, 2012 12:52:31 PM PST
The new year is a few weeks old. So how about that resolution to lose weight and exercise? It's a good goal for all of us, but some face a bit of a tougher journey.

So one Chicago gym is offering a challenge for those who want to lose more than 50 pounds. Owner Francis Wisniewski and trainer Jason Burns of Downsize Fitness (http://www.downsizefitness.com/) gym came into our ABC7 studio to tell us about the challenge and to show us a few exercises. Downsize Fitness was developed specifically with chronically overweight and obese individuals in mind.

Downsize Fitness Weight Loss Challenge of 2012

220 N. Aberdeen 1-North

Individuals looking to lose more than 50 pounds Weigh-in through January 31
Contest: January 2012 - July 1, 2012
Grand Prize: $25,000