CPS student struck by semi truck

January 24, 2012 5:59:26 PM PST
A Curie High School student was seriously injured when he was hit by a truck on the city's South Side.

It was shortly after 11 o'clock Tuesday morning when the teenage pedestrian, out on lunch break, was struck by a semi truck that witnesses say was turning right from Pulaski onto Archer.

Witnesses say the male student in his late teens was pinned underneath the semi truck. Police say he is expected to survive his injuries.

Police say have not charged or cited the driver of the truck with any violation.

At the scene of the accident, a sign warns drivers to be careful -- a message many say goes unheeded.

"I think it's a very dangerous intersection," said student Carmen Reyes. "There are a lot of drivers that are very careless, but I got to admit some of the students are in a rush to go home."

"I seen the truck pinned down there, parked, and caution tape all over. And I saw the blood underneath the semi truck," said Andres Brajas, parent.

"It was really devastating, and it's really hard. And we have finals right now in school so it was very hard to concentrate on our exams and all that," said Reyes.

The fire department transported the high school senior to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious to critical condition.

The truck driver was seen being questioned in a police squad car before getting back in his truck and following officers to a station. He was not injured.

At the New Pindos Restaurant across the street, workers say they have complained about the intersection for years.

"They turn all the time," said Jim Schultz, New Pindos Restaurant. "The other day one of the waitresses said she almost got hit when she was coming to work."

"It's indescribable," said Pamela Wolowiec, New Pindos Restaurant. "It just makes you feel terrible. All he was doing was doing was crossing the street. Got up to go to school and then he gets hit."

However, many say pedestrians are equally to blame at the three way intersection located near the Stevenson Expressway entrance. In fact, as school let out, ABC7 saw some students crossing while drivers had the right of way.

"Maybe they can bring somebody to talk in school or something, telling you to watch out next time 'cause they really need that," said student Jonathan Zamudio.

"Everyday it's the same thing," said student Crystal Cepeda. "There's a lot of cars and they understand that there's students passing, people are just really ignorant and they just keep walking."

"I also think seriously the school should have closed campus for these kids coming out for lunch," said Brajas.

Traffic shortly after the accident was rerouted in the area but by Tuesday afternoon was back to normal.