Suspects in NW Side robbery in custody

February 3, 2012 2:48:29 PM PST
Several possible suspects are now in police custody for a robbery on the Northwest Side.

Investigators are now trying to determine whether that robbery is connected to a series of strong-arm robberies that have happened over the past two months. More than a dozen women have been robbed of their purses, money and other valuables

At 8:30 Thursday night Chicago police arrested two people on the Northwest Side in a strong arm robbery.

The area's city representative, 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno says members of his community watch and volunteer corps were instrumental in the operation.

"There are some things I can talk about and some things I can't," Moreno said. "Through the communication we had and then getting back to the police, we were able to assist the police in apprehending these individuals.

Police say the latest incident does not follow the pattern of the 13 robberies that started in early December in the area bounded by Division, Diversey, Ashland and Central Park. The last of those was caught on a restaurant's security cameras.

"Well, I'm a little unsettled so I've been carrying mace, just making sure, I'm just a little more cautious than normal" local resident Diana Olivar said. "And I have been talking to neighbors and making sure that we're all keeping an eye out for each other because there has been break-ins, as well."

The alderman says he's not worried that he may be getting ahead of the police in drawing links with what happened just south of his constituency office to string of strong arms

"The police have their own responsibility," said Moreno."but the aldermen, when they things happen, we have a great connection to the community and a great connection to our residents and our businesses. It's our responsibility to make sure that the correct information gets out quickly."

Police have been searching for an early 1990s white Cadillac that was linked to the robbery January 6. As in most other cases, police say one robber was involved. But at least two tried to pull last night's on Western Avenue. For these young women heading home from school, it's enough to want to leave the area for good.

"I get stuff in the back of my head say I'm probably going to get robbed and I don't feel safe around here anymore," said Jennifer Dominguez.