Kenwood Academy in Hyde Park

February 24, 2012 10:25:50 AM PST
Wednesday's Cheer Squad: Kenwood Academy in Hyde Park

Kenwood Acadamy Cheer:
-Kenwood Academy Varsity Cheerleaders is a developing program at KHS.
-16 members. Of those 9 seniors, 1 junior, 3 sophomores, 3 freshman.
-All of the seniors have been accepted to the college of their choice and several plan to Cheer in college!
-As a team they have only competed once this season but look forward to participating in several local and regional events such at the CPS Citywide championships in April.
-The athletes practice 3-4 days per week after school and some weekends to perfect their skills such as tumbling.

Kenwood Academy High School
Chicago Public School
Located in the heart of Hyde Park
1578 students

Kenwood Academy Bands are comprised of Concert, Jazz, Saxophone Quarter, Brass Quintet, Flute Ensemble, Jazz Combo and the newly revived Marching Band (known as "Marching Broncos"). These skillful groups of young people learn how they can actively engage in the world of classical, contemporary, gospel and jazz music. For more than thirty years, Kenwood's music department has been at the pinnacle of musical excellence producing great musicians such as Ray "The Weeper" Fuller, Jazz Guitarist. The dynamics of this strong program has led to Honors Superior and Superior ratings during annual competitions for nearly all of that time. Reaching such accolades has earned them the position of "Ambassadors of Instrumental Music Excellence" for Kenwood Academy, as well as but also for the Chicago Public Schools.

Under the tutelage of Mr. Powell, these students are provided an open door to learn orchestral and jazz music in an environment that offers the opportunity to develop life-long skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, organization and presentation skills through intensive musical training. The focus is on education and music theory which translates into an artistic masterpiece. This unique group of musicians has competed on national levels and was the recipient of the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage and the 2007 Holland's Opus Award. In addition, some students have been identified among the top instrumental musicians in the nation participating in Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA), Fidelity FutureStage performances, Chicago Symphony Center and Ravinia.