Boy, 15, ID'd after fatal shooting

February 28, 2012 3:01:09 PM PST
A teenager is dead, another is in the hospital and two men were also shot after someone walked into an apartment building and started shooting Monday night.

Police are now searching for the gunman.

About 8 p.m. Monday evening, the gunman walked into an apartment building near 53rd and King Dr. and started shooting.

There was also a 14-year-old injured in that shooting. He has been discharged from Comer Children's Hospital and is said to be home feeling much better and recuperating.

One family is happy, of course, for that news, while another family is grieving the death of a 15-year-old who was killed in the shooting that police are investigating to find out why it happened and who is responsible.

A small crowd of people gather in front of the Washington Park apartment building where police say someone walked in and started shooting in the hallway of the four-story building in the 300 block of East 53 Record St. The shooting killed one teen, injured another and wounded two men.

Several bullet holes in the front door are a jarring reminder of the violence that took place and also serve as an incentive for community activists to try to prevent any retaliation that was rumored in the neighborhood.

"It was a late night for us," Cease Fire's Ameena Matthews said. "We were out to make sure that there is not a retaliation to what happened yesterday evening."

Matthews and her colleagues were screening a documentary about the organization called The Interrupters not far from the scene of the shooting and around the same time the shooting occurred.

"We were talk about educating on the epidemic of violence, and we were also talking about how we can get involved," she said.

The shooting killed 15-year-old George Howard. Authorities say he was shot in the chest. A source with Chicago Public Schools says he was a student on the South Side.

"They just lost their loved one," said CPS Interfaith Director Rev. Renaldo Kyles. "They're hurt, they're in shock, they're in pain, distraught. A very unfortunate situation happened to one of their family members.

The injured 14-year-old happened to be passing through the vestibule when the shooting happened. He was hit by a couple of bullets, but they say he is expected to be okay. "One of the bullets did enter from his back up into his ear, so they're just trying to make sure that with that wound, his hearing is not in jeopardy," said the victim's aunt Nikki Scott.

No one is in custody.