Graceland marks 35 years since Elvis death

March 29, 2012 4:16:14 AM PDT
It's a special year for all Elvis fans worldwide as they commemorate the 35th anniversary of the passing of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

A highlight of the anniversary year are three new exhibits at Graceland, some with never-before-seen artifacts on display. Joining us thir morning is Graceland's Director of Communications, Kevin Kern who has brought some of these items to our studio.

Visitors to Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis will have three new exhibits to enjoy in 2012 that explore various sides of the King of Rock 'n' Roll - from his iconic status and impact on other celebrities to his groundbreaking music documentary Elvis on Tour to his personal relationship with his only child, Lisa Marie Presley.

All three new exhibits are now open and kick-off a yearlong celebration of the life and legacy of the rock 'n' roll icon on the 35th anniversary of the late singer's passing. Elvis is known as the "King of Bling" and coming along for the ride on this media tour are several shiny artifacts from the three new exhibits. Artifacts include:

Golden Globe for "Elvis on Tour" as featured in the Elvis on Tour Exhibit "Elvis on Tour" is a Golden Globe Award-winning American musical documentary motion picture released by MGM in 1972. It was the 33 and final motion picture to star Elvis Presley. Among those working on this film were Martin Scorsese, who supervised the montage sequences, and the film's directors, Pierre Adidge and Robert Abel. As well as being a financial success, "Elvis on Tour" proved to also be a critical success by winning the 1972 Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary. The Golden Globe featured in the exhibit and as part of the media tour is on loan from the family of director Pierre Adidge.

Lisa Marie Presley's Baby Footprints from Elvis: Through His Daughters Eyes Exhibit Baby footprints for "Girl Presley" - born at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., on February 1, 1968.

Wallet from Elvis: Through His Daughters Eyes Exhibit
Elvis' personal wallet with photos of him and daughter, Lisa Marie, taken in 1970.

Elvis Presley and Katy Perry Sunglasses from ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Exhibit Presented by Fender
Elvis' sunglasses are gold-plated nautical glasses that were designed in Beverly Hills and worn by Elvis in 1972 while filming "Elvis on Tour." Katy's custom sunglasses were worn on "American Idol" when she performed the song "Waking up in Vegas."