HD security cameras installed at 14 CPS schools

April 5, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The district says the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

The cameras were added to more schools after a successful pilot was launched at Fenger High School during the 2010/2011 school year.

"Building environments where students feel safe and secure is a critical tool in boosting their academic achievement," said CEO Brizard.

The proposed new camera strategy was projected to cost $7 million with a completion date of May 1, a CPS news release said. Officials say the final cost came in at $6.8 million and was completed March 31.

CPS says following the pilot test at Fenger, misconduct cases declined by 59 percent from the previous school year, while arrests dropped by 69 percent and index crimes declined by 67 percent. False fire alarms at Fenger also dropped from eight in the 2008 school year to zero last year. Fenger also has seen a decrease in drop-out rates, the CPS release said.

The high schools that received the cameras through this installation include: Clemente, Hyde Park, Sullivan, Morgan Park, Orr, Marshall, Dunbar, Manley, Bogan, Wells, Senn, Juarez, Julian and Farragut.

The current system, implemented in 1999, is comprised of video recording systems with 7,000-plus analog cameras across 268 schools. Another 365 schools currently have no cameras.

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