Dog dies from pit bull attack at Montrose Beach dog park

April 6, 2012 2:49:14 PM PDT
A search is under way for the owner of a pit bull, and the dog itself, after another smaller dog was attacked and killed.

Several people witnessed it all and ran to help. Many even took photos of the pit bull and its owner before they left the scene.

The owner of the dog that died said the incident left her with a nearly $6,000 veterinary bill. But, beyond the money, she said she is troubled by the actions of the unidentified pit bull owner.

Friday, Audrey Fisher returned to the beach to spread the word about the death of her dog "Willy."

"To the man who did this, be responsible," said Fisher. "Man up for what you've done."

It was March 17, St. Patrick's Day, when Fisher says the 8-pound Pomeranian Papillion mix was attacked by a large pit bull while playing on Montrose dog beach.

"There was nothing I could do," Fisher said. "I had my daughter standing there watching this also, and I just grabbed her and turned her away from it, told her not to look."

Witnesses say other dog owners tried to intervene, even punching the pit bull in the head.

"It was complete chaos," said witness Stacey Rustin. "And of course, the adrenaline running, and you want to fix it. You want to help him, but that dog was just locked."

Fisher said the pit bull's owner then arrived at the scene.

"He was upset that somebody was punching his dog in the head to try to release Willy," said Fisher. "And he was more upset about that than the actual dog being attacked."

As Fisher sought help for her dog, witnesses say the pit bull owner began leaving, only to be confronted by other pet owners.

"He was not answering," said Rustin. "And I yelled at him, and said be a decent human being, just give us your information so you can help pay for saving this dog. And he said don't worry about it. I'll take care of it, lady."

"His demeanor was kind of a guy that didn't really accept what was happening, and he was not responsible. He just kind of giggled in a nervous way," said witness Ken Shaw.

"He told me he was going to meet me at the vet," Fisher said. "I told him where I was going. And he told me he would meet me there, and he didn't."

Three days later, Willy succumbed to massive internal injuries.

Police now want to question the pit bull owner and have circulated his photo at dog parks around the city.

"I just wish that he wouldn't have ran away the way he did. I wish he would have taken responsibility," said Fisher.

If the pit bull owner is identified, it is unclear what charges he might face, though the police report filed listed a charge of criminal damage to property.