Albright speaks to local students

April 11, 2012 5:11:04 AM PDT
In advance of the NATO Summit, some students at Lindblom Math and Science Academy got a global perspective former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Tuesday.

Albright is the co-chair of the NATO Host Committee and in advance of the NATO Summit coming to Chicago in May she encouraged local students to be part of the dialogue.

"It brings to them very directly how they are connected to the world and how the world is very connected and interested in what Americans think," Albright said.

More than the international discussion, Chicago students can compete to make a welcome video that will be shown to summit participants.

"It's unique and unprecedented opportunity to expose kids to other countries other cultures to issues above and beyond their own neighborhood," said Lori Healey of the NATO host committee.

Lindblom has the largest Arabic and Chinese language program in Chicago Public Schools. Some students chosen for this private forum with Secretary Albright appreciated the global focus of the visit and their studies at Lindblom.

"You do get a new perspective on your life what's going on in the world you actually understand it," student Elizabeth Toye said.

"We can't be a super power if we're just worried about us worry about everybody else and have the knowledge to do that," said student Ashira Anderson.

After speaking with students, Secretary Albright emphasized the importance of the summit and detailing resolution of current issues facing NATO members and partners, as well as the real life lessons for the students.

Secretary Albright expects the summit to deal with the serious issues of withdrawing from Afghanistan while coordinating support to protect stability and providing collective military defense in a shrinking global economy.

She has studied NATO several times in various points of her career and says alliance has new relevance in a modern world.