'The Priests' perform at Holy Family Church

May 1, 2012 3:31:59 PM PDT
Three priests from Northern Ireland who have been singing together for as many decades will perform in Chicago.

The priests -- brothers Father Eugene O'Hagan and Father Martin O'Hagan and Father David Delargy -- are in town for a concert and mass at Holy Family Church on the West Side. They're new to America, but in Ireland and in Europe, they're holy rock stars.

"We have been singing together for 37 years. We've been singing since our ordination and long before we were ordained we have been singing," said Father Martin O'Hagan, tenor.

Four years ago, Sony Records was looking for an Irish priest to sing the Latin mass. Instead of one priest, these three were discovered and their music was turned into a hit CD.

"It went, shall we say, global. It went viral to use today's kind of terminology. It went beyond our wildest imagination," Father Eugene O'Hagan, tenor, said. "We sold, I think of the first album ... ah, ah almost two million."

The money they make goes to a charity building schools around the world and helping the poor and homeless.

"We don't just sing we also pray. So having said that people aren't coming along to a prayer meeting either. It's entertainment also," Father Delargy said.

The Priests are on a 12-city tour. They sing almost only all spiritual songs in church. But what about in Irish pubs?

"We have been known to do that on occasion," Father Delargy said.