Dream Job: Cubs' Grounds Crew

May 17, 2012

From the first moment we met Rose La Mont, we could tell she is a huge Cubs fan.

"My heart is racing, don't know which way is up or down," she said, standing in the spot where singers perform the national anthem at Wrigley Field.

After more than 30 years of watching the team, she gets to stand on the field for the first time.

"I'm actually standing on the gravel, next to the grass that's Wrigley Field," La Mont said.

La Mont's story began with her grandfather. Although she grew up on the South Side, most of her family are White Sox fans, she remembers watching her grandfather rooting on the Cubbies.

"My grandfather was a huge Cubs fan," she said. "I saw the Cubs for the first time and said, 'That's my team.'"

As much as she loves Wrigley Field, being a single mother, she says she can only afford to go once in a while. And a few years ago, La Mont thought she may never look out and see her Cubbies again. Graves Disease left her legally blind. She almost gave up her job working in a hospital. Today, after two surgeries, she's able to see again and is hoping to finally fulfill a dream.

"This would be my dream job. Yes, I work in a hospital, love helping people, but Wrigley Field is my heart and soul," she said.

And we're more than happy to make it happen thanks to the fabulous crew led by head groundskeeper Roger Baird.

"Rose is going to be part of the crew today, you can see the team is on the road, we're busy today, people always ask, 'What do you do when the team is on the road?'" Baird said. "This is when we get all of our work done."

"We're putting new conditioner on the clay to keep it loose, we had her drag it in the infield, fill in the imperfections, roll it, try to flatten it out," said the assistant groundskeeper.

"I love the bunker, dragging the infield was the best. My second best was being able to touch the ivy," La Mont said.

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