Wine Riot: Wine 101

May 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Open air concerts at Ravinia, dozens of street festivals around the city, and patio cook outs are just a few of the summer events where wine is enjoyed.

Tyler Balliet discusses pouring a white versus a red versus a pink at this weekend's Wine Riot. With two parts education and one part revolution, Wine Riot has reinvented "wine tasting" for the thirsty and curious. There will be 250 wines from around the world for tasting.

Wine Riot June 1-2 Great Hall at Union Station Tickets $60 (Friday) $50 (Saturday)

About Tyler Balliet (release)

A Madison, Wis. native, Tyler Balliet discovered wine while attending college in the Pacific Northwest. He learned the culture surrounding wine while living for a year in rural France, and then honed his skills working at a wine shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Second Glass was born out of Tyler's desire to create a fun, entertaining atmosphere when learning about wine.

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